Smoky Mountain Service Dogs’ (SMSD) “More Wags for Warriors” Facilities Campaign is in full swing. Volunteers are working toward the goal of raising $500,000 to build a new SMSD Veteran/Canine Training Center that will provide the needed capacity to double the number of wounded warriors served by the nonprofit each year. As part of the capital campaign, SMSD is offering “Naming Sponsorships.” All facilities will be appropriately named per donor request: • Indoor Veteran Training Room: $175,000 • Kennel Building: 18 dogs: $175,000 • Conference/Meeting Room: $10,000 • Individual Indoor Kennels: $7,500 • Grooming Area: $7,500 • Food Prep Area: $7,500 • Medical/Exam Area: $7,500 • Outdoor Kennel Runs: $2,000 A LEGACY OF APPRECIATION More Capacity. More Dogs Trained. More Wounded Veterans Served. Perhaps you’ve been moved to say to someone, “Thank you for your service.” Or maybe you have a family member who served in the military and you would like a way to honor them. Now is your chance to thank our military personnel and wounded warriors with a “Naming Sponsorship.” Pictured: (Top) Lucy, waiting to assist Billy Marshall in any way she can. (Middle) In the hospital, Blitz helps Kevin Jankowski feel better. (Lower) Willie accompanies Cody Evans at college. To learn more or make a donation please visit