Marine Veteran Mac and Trooper

Randy and "Thor"

Jim and "Tracker"

US Army Veteran Rafa and "Cade"

US Army/Special Ops Veteran Charley and "Dagger"

US Army Veteran Malcolm and "Spirit"

US Army Veteran Chuck and "Sadie"

US Army Veteran Corey and "Nitro"

Marine Veteran Walt and Buster

USAF Colonel Shawn Pederson and "Vanner"

Trevor and "Gauge"

James and "Summit"

US Army Specialist Jason Erhart and his SMSD "Freedom"

US Army Veteran Robert Harris and his SMSD "Bearden"

US Army/Special Forces Veteran David and SMSD "Dolly"

US Air Force Veteran Chad receives his SMSD "Brice"

Marine Veteran Chris and SMSD "Millie" graduated Oct. 22nd

Congratulations to recent graduates US Army and Vietnam veteran Ike Weaver and SMSD "Nitro" and US Air Force and Special Operations veteran Daniel Belcher with SMSD "Stryker"

US Army Veteran Kevin Jankoski with "Blitz", his SMSD mobility assistance dog. Graduated Oct. 16th

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Marine Veteran SGT. Bradley Walker with "Bella", his SMSD mobility assistance dog.

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